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Dear Readers,

My name is Bharat Singh, and I am owner author of Swasthya Gyan blog. My main motive is running health blog to pursuing my vast experience share with worldwide peoples for their knowledge growth for Health Benefits scenario. Swasthya Gyan providing excellent solution for Health problems and Ayurvedic benefits of fruits, vegetables, spices, herbals, leafs, roots. And with provides diseases prevent tips in Hindi. Always think positively attitude learning new and achieve them. Also write and post all types of health solutions tips with specific focus being towards the Health & Natural Ayurdevic related values. I love too much nature. because all health problems solutions are in nature.

Started my career with Designing, Wring, Medicine 
Books Publishing & IT Sector in 2003, and already published Health Care & Lifestyle Magazines and Books.

Swasthya Gyan mission has always been to afford wonderful tips in health & fitness to accomplish the various needs of our blog readers. I admit the old Natural Ayurvedic health methods and bind them together with the latest health advancements for a more actual and impactful solution to the request of the readers. 

Swasthyagyan health & fitness tips gradually reaching the apex in the national and international arena with the popular recommendations of the readers.

I Hope you enjoy reading blog & taking benefits of blog segments posts
and I will eagerly await your feedback by reading blog articles.

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Bharat Singh